Black Racing Strap
Black Racing Strap
Black Racing Strap
Black Racing Strap
Black Racing Strap
Black Racing Strap

Black Racing Strap


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Our Rallye Strap is directly inspired by the golden age of rallye racing. Originally developed in the 1970s, the Rallye Strap was meant for those that required increased breathability when working in hot and humid conditions. Indeed, the strap features a set of perforations along its entire length which work to allow sweat and body heat to be better evacuated. Useful when you are rallying in the sand dunes of Dakar.
The perforations while offering a very real advantage over a traditional leather strap, also serve to mimic the brake disks & other lightweight components from race cars. Perforations through the components allowed for better cooling while reducing the overall weight of said component. A classic case of form & style blending together to give a truly 1970s style strap like no other.

Material: Black Texture Leather w/ Small holes (Black Racing)

Dimension: 20x16mm

Buckle: Ardillon

Spring Bar Type: Capsa Spring Bar

Strap Length (Long): 120mm

Strap Length (Short): 80mm


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