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Launch on April 25th

Celebrating the future with retro-innovation

The F77 Stone Dials Collection

There’s no time like the present – Nivada Grenchen veers off its classic vintage path with the reinvention of its best-selling 70s stainless steel icon, opting instead for the enhanced lightness and comfort of titanium grade 5; 86 grams for titanium versus 126 grams for steel. The shift came so naturally, it makes you wonder if it was intended all along.

But there’s more: a series of superb dials, from a reinterpretation of the iconic basket weave to exotic stones from deep earth and deep space. In all, Nivada Grenchen is proud to present four new iterations – uncannily lightweight, robust and great-looking – of the iconic design in a 37 mm case with an integrated bracelet.

Four Dials – 4 Materials

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Titanium grade 5

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Group 1480.png__PID:c614e665-3c12-49b4-a3cc-bc0412b20c87

Lapis Lazuli


Stainless Steel

F77 - 34534.png__PID:3e0feb6a-12d3-4608-a014-1fa095dde22a

Titanium Meteorite

F77 - 34534s.png__PID:0feb6a12-d3c6-4860-941f-a095dde22a7b

Titanium Anthracite

F77 - 345342.png__PID:6a12d3c6-0860-441f-a095-dde22a7b0b68

Dark Blue Aventurine

F77 - 345341.png__PID:eb6a12d3-c608-4014-9fa0-95dde22a7b0b

Lapis Lazuli

Mythical Dials

F77 - Meteorite - Front Angled Flare.png__PID:06f89aa0-2787-416f-8b4c-2c7680f77e42

Enhanced with a fragment of material from space, the F77 with a meteorite dial carries an air of eternity. Its metallic grey geometric patterns and texture effects – reminiscent of French painter Pierre Soulages’s style – evoke an aesthetic emotion, an energy that is more than special. Indeed, it makes each watch unique, as no two dial patterns are alike.


The latter, lapis lazuli, is an intensely blue ornamental stone composed of several minerals, a testament to the complex and dynamic processes that occur across the ages within Earth’s crust. It, too, has spanned epochs without losing its splendor, from mosaics to decorative arts.

F77 - Lapis - Front Angled Flare.png__PID:b9d106f8-9aa0-4787-816f-0b4c2c7680f7
F77 - Aventurine - Front Angled Flare.png__PID:e9b9d106-f89a-4027-87c1-6f0b4c2c7680

The aventurine version remind us of the treasures right under our feet – while hinting at the heavens above. The former, of the deepest green, created in a process of crystallization over eons and eons, gives us a distinctive, shimmering effect – its name comes from the Italian ‘a ventura,’ which means ‘by chance,’ but that’s a whole other story.


The F77 ‘Anthracite’ embodies the spirit of the original, the lighter, advanced material of its case and bracelet perfectly paired with the deep and moody color of its dial, slightly lighter than black, with cool undertones of blue and purple.

F77 - Titanium - Front Angled Flare.png__PID:9aa02787-c16f-4b4c-ac76-80f77e422b84
Titanium Grade 5.png__PID:6f0b4c2c-7680-477e-822b-842164881bc2Titanium Grade 5 mobile.jpg__PID:16c2ae72-08a1-4986-90eb-3a7a8a39f76e
Titanium Grade 5

Renowned for its exceptional strength and lightweight properties, Titanium Grade 5 sets the standard for durability and comfort in watchmaking. With a composition of approximately 90% titanium, 6% aluminum, and 4% vanadium, this alloy offers unparalleled performance and resilience.

Titanium Grade 5

Renowned for its exceptional strength and lightweight properties, Titanium Grade 5 sets the standard for durability and comfort in watchmaking. With a composition of approximately 90% titanium, 6% aluminum, and 4% vanadium, this alloy offers unparalleled performance and resilience.

Image 2.png__PID:c16f0b4c-2c76-40f7-be42-2b842164881b

Swiss Power & Heritage

Originally designed and manufactured in Grenchen, Switzerland we’ve kept true to our roots. Our F77 is powered by the Swiss-made Soprod P024 automatic wind. All of our watches are made in Switzerland in true Nivada Grenchen authenticity and quality standards. Featuring a 100m (10 ATM) water resistance & a screw-down crown, you’ll be ready for any water: whether liquid or solid.

— Size guide —
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Rare watch from 1976
Capture d’écran 2024-04-06 à 00.46.13.png__PID:8a17e9b9-d106-489a-a027-87c16f0b4c2c
Capture d’écran 2024-04-06 à 00.44.17.png__PID:b78a17e9-b9d1-46f8-9aa0-2787c16f0b4c
F77 - Meteorite - Front Gradient Landscape.png__PID:f89aa027-87c1-4f0b-8c2c-7680f77e422b

Titanium Meteorite

F77 - Lapis - Front Gradient Landscape.png__PID:d106f89a-a027-47c1-af0b-4c2c7680f77e

Lapis Lazuli

F77 - Adventurine - Front Gradient Landscape.png__PID:17e9b9d1-06f8-4aa0-a787-c16f0b4c2c76


F77 - Titanium - Front Gradient Landscapey.png__PID:a02787c1-6f0b-4c2c-b680-f77e422b8421

Titanium Anthracite


Group 187.png__PID:d8f9f4d1-8982-4085-bd31-3f56bebc24e4

Titanium and Stone Dials, Meet The New Versions of the Nivada F77 Automatic.

review watch.png__PID:d1ba9958-281d-41c2-b02a-3ae86dae21bd

F77 Meteorite, La petite pépite tombée du ciel !

F77 watchgecko.png__PID:e99842d7-8e5f-4a83-aa70-b43697102cdb
Screenshot 2024-04-16 193927.png__PID:e7a0e998-42d7-4e5f-8a83-6a70b4369710

Reimagined Nivada Grenchen F77 Collection Released.

F77 Fratello.png__PID:c682b421-5433-4e95-b2e5-625b41fba12d
Fratello logo.png__PID:72f0dd19-c8bd-47ad-b094-b17d30eb5ff7

The Nivada F77 Returns In Titanium And Steel With Four Fresh New Dial Variants.

F77 Worn review.png__PID:ac7f5122-6646-4e05-816c-07ad633f1848
Worn logo.png__PID:e6e9a43e-ac7f-4122-a646-fe05416c07ad

Nivada Introduces a Titanium F77, and Adds Some Exotic Dials to the Collection.

F77 WORN & WOUND.png__PID:b3b8e6e9-a43e-4c7f-9122-6646fe05416c

Nivada Grenchen Reissues Its Iconic F77 Model in Titanium.

F77 TIMEKEEPERS CLUB.png__PID:68115273-72f0-4d19-88bd-57ad3094b17d
time keepers logo.svg__PID:527372f0-dd19-48bd-97ad-3094b17d30eb

Nivada Grenchen F77 Reimagined with Stone Dials.

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