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      The datomaster is also available in a 36mm diameter version, nevertheless, with modern mechanical movement dimensions, it is not possible to get something that is not looking like a brick with this contained diameter… But…. it was possible to use a Mecaquartz Seiko movement. So we made a sample to see how it would look and guess what? It looks super cool! We know it’s not 100% accurate and 100% horological pure to our roots but it deserves some consideration. Following our guts, we have produced a 500 pieces limited edition assembled in Switzerland



      The Datomaster is the second line of Chronograph we chose to re-edit after the chronomaster. The iconic date a 12 o'clock is the detail that make it so particular and unique. With its 70's manual winding Chrono look and 39 mm contain diameter this beauty will fit your wrist in all situations.


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